At 6-years-old Whisper’s owners decided they traveled too much and they just didn’t want her anymore. So they signed the acknowledgement that she could be put to sleep–and left her at a public shelter that was slammed with homeless animals.


Terrified, confused and heartbroken, poor Whisper didn’t understand what was happening. All of the loud noises and barking were overwhelming. She visibly shook when we met her, but her sweet personally was obvious.

Whisper is shy, well-behaved and quiet. She’s good with dogs and cats, is house-trained and calm. What more could you ask for in a companion?

Foster Update:

We are happy to report that the shy, timid girl that arrived a few weeks ago is really blossoming in her foster home. Here’s an update from her foster Mom:

Whisper is a sweet and very loving dog who really just wants to hang out with her people. She has become more outgoing every day, even overcoming her fear of the big bad cat! She’s a petite girl, at around 60 pounds and she walks well on leash. She loves to go for walks and for rides in the car, where she is a very good passenger, happy to be able to put her nose out the window and feel the cool wind in her hair.

Whisper is the kind of girl that will rely on either her people or another dog to build her confidence. She’s not likely to thrive on her own if she’s by herself all day. Her ideal home is one with a mom or dad or canine sibling who is at home with her. And a fenced yard would be heaven! She loves play chase and play in the yard! She’s made it clear she does not like her crate but that’s okay, since she’s also proven that she’s not destructive and is perfectly house-trained. (The only reason Whisper is crated during the day is for her own protection — from the evil cat!).

She is such a sweet and gentle soul, very attentive and eager to please. She knows “sit” and “off” and is learning “stay”. She will capture the heart of her forever family in no time at all. And return the love in so many ways. Did I mention that Whisper insists on sleeping on the bed? And thankfully (as we learned over this holiday vacation), she likes to sleep late, before awakening you with a wet kiss on the face! She is such a joy!

Whisper needs someone who will give her the time to adjust to her new life and to thrive. In return she will be an incredibly loving and faithful companion.

Whisper’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Working on it, but not necessary
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes – another dog recommended
Good with cats: Afraid of cats
Activity level: L to M (very low key and quiet in the house)
Fenced yard: Highly recommended and much appreciated
Other notes: Loves to play chase with other dogs; Afraid of unfriendly cats; Shy