Hondo is 9 years old, around 50 pounds, goofy and super happy to meet you! And what a gorgeous boy! Hondo became homeless and wound up as an owner surrender at a local public shelter. Luckily, a friend from his past who knew him well, heard about his predicament and asked us to help him. He’s an awesome boy! He loves, loves, loves to play fetch and he’s quite the athlete. We bet he can out-fetch your throwing arm! He’s house-trained, good with kids and he’s been great with other dogs, too.


If you’re looking for a family member who is playful, gives sweet kisses and who looks up at you like you are just the greatest thing he has ever seen… please be sure to meet Hondo.

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Foster Update 1:

Hondo enjoys afternoon walks to the mailbox and watching old movies with his foster mom. (Carey Grant movies are his favorite. Hondo is very much a romantic and a lover). He enjoys reading online articles (about dogs and cats) and watching sports with his foster dad. He really loves Latin and dance music; he’s a spunky, fun guy.

Hondo does well with his 4 foster cat siblings. And he even – ninja-like – “becomes the kitty” when he squeezes through the cat door or cleans up their food bowls when no one is looking. He’s good with other dogs too, and he really enjoys being with his human friends. He’ll do best in a family where someone is home most of the time simply because he loves his family and wants to be with them. He’s a best buddy kind of guy. He’s great in the house and has free roam; no need for crating for this boy. He’s such a great dog who gives 100% love all the time.

Foster Update 2:

Hondo is great. We love him!

This boy just wants to be loved and to be with his family! Therefore, being an integral family member is key for him. He needs that love and security. If you’re hanging in the yard, watching a game on TV or doing the dishes, he’ll happily be right there with you. He loves and needs his peeps, so a stay at home or work from home ‘parent’ will suit him best. He’s great with kids and cats, and he also enjoys the companionship of another dog. He loves it when his canine girlfriend visits.

He’s very well behaved in house except in one regard. You can’t leave cat food where he can get to it; he can clean a cat food bowl out in 2 seconds flat! 🙂 Hondo is a great walker, walking really well on leash. He’s really cute when he walks; he prances! He’s just a great boy – loyal and loving!

Hondo’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, but not needed; he doesn’t like it
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Activity level: High
Fenced yard: Not required
Other notes: ~ Loves to be beside you
~ Very affectionate
~ Special medical needs: heart issues (mild)