We originally saw this girl a few weeks before we rescued her. She was listed as urgent at a metro shelter, needing rescue help. We thought she was amazing looking – a hound x lab… around 7 years old… a big girl, almost 90 pounds. We just knew another rescue would step up for her so we looked the other way as we had several other “urgents” already in queue to come in. But then we received a direct plea, asking us to please help her. She’d passed all of the shelter’s temperament tests – human and canine. They described her as sweet and calm and mellow… Easy. They also said, probably due to her size and breed mix, they’d had no takers. She urgently needed to get into rescue. So, we agreed to help her. And when we met her we found her to be more amazing than we initially thought. She presents herself as a sweetly shy — unless food is involved. With food, she becomes animated and super happy! Her sad houndy, droopy face lights up. And boy does she have a nose for food!

We named her Bayou and we fell in love with her immediately. We knew she wasn’t feeling well when we rescued her… and she seemed a bit too, well, large. The “largeness” presented itself as 10 big, healthy puppies just a week or so later!

All of her pups have now been adopted and Bayou has been working on getting healthy herself. Bayou is a beautiful girl, around 75 pounds now. Her coat is soft and shiny – a beautiful dark, dark chocolate color. She’s a pretty mellow girl but she’s playful with other dogs. She’s not very playful with people, though. She’s too affectionate with people to bother with playing; she’s much more interested in love-time. Your hand on her head is sheer bliss to her. “Extremely affectionate” is how we describe her. She is definitely a love!

Bayou loves, loves, loves her stuffed animals! She loves toys… squeaky toys and she likes rubber toys, too. You can frequently find a small orange football in her mouth. You might have to lift up her lips to see it though! She always greets you with a toy in her mouth… and sometimes with more than one. She’ll carry two stuffed animals – tucked nicely in her mouth. She isn’t always great about sharing her toys with other dogs, though. So that’s something you need to be aware of. Toys need to be put away if there’s another dog around that doesn’t like to share either.

Bayou prefers to be with people. She’ll follow you from room to room and she loves a good head scratch whenever possible. She really likes to go for car rides and she’ll ask to go if there’s a car anywhere near.

She’ll make an awesome family dog. She’s a wonderful girl – affectionate – and silly. She deserves to be the love of someone’s life.

Foster Update (Sept 2015):

Bayou is doing great! Her energy level has increased greatly since she weaned her pups (all have been adopted) and she’s feeling so much better!

She’d be okay as an only dog, but she does pretty much get along with all other dogs. Currently she lives with a couple small terriers and Squad Dog Zeus. She and Zeus are good friends; they have a fun time wrestling together.

Oh, and she’s also the perfect watch dog! She’ll sound the alarm when strangers come into the yard, but she isn’t a barker otherwise. She doesn’t bark just to hear her voice, like some dogs do. She’s a great girl – all around.

Bayou’s Snapshot:
House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Activity level: Low
Fenced yard: Recommended
Other notes: Loves toys she can carry in her mouth! Affectionate.