Margo is a smallish, endearing, 8-year-old girl – a retriever-terrier mix (rat terrier, we think) weighing in at just under 50 pounds. She’s a beautiful lass of, well, let’s just say “multiple breed” lineage. Lady Margo might not have the classic Lab look, but she has personality galore. A bit misplaced in a retriever rescue group, Margo grabbed our hearts when we learned that she came into the shelter as a stray with a brand new red harness. It seems as though someone loved her and lost her, but didn’t look for her at animal control. She quickly became a shelter favorite but wound up on the “out-of-time” list. We knew we had to save her since she’s clearly Squad Dog material. She’s sweet, playful, smart, athletic, and … well, quite the cuddle-bug. She’s the best of all worlds, having many of the same great traits as the typical retriever—trainable, loyal, lovable and people-oriented – while also being active, smart, and inquisitive, like a terrier.

Margo thinks she’s a lap dog and might try to climb on in if given the opportunity. But she’s also content to sit with her head and paws on your lap, checking out what’s going on or just snoozing. She gets along famously with people, and is perfectly house and crate-trained. And she actually enjoys her crate; she gets in it when she doesn’t have to and the crate door is left open. She fancies having a soft, comfy bed to snuggle on and she enjoys her stuffed toys. Margo relishes cuddling in the crate with her stuffed bone, paws cradled around it and head nestled next to it. She’s quite the love-bug!

Like all of us, Margo is a joyful work-in-progress. She’s an excitable girl but is really only eager to make new friends. However, she needs to refine her meet-and-great routine, including learning to rein in her natural curiosity while on the leash. Our girl tends to be a little picky about new canine friends, so her interactions with other dogs are somewhat inconsistent and need to be monitored until she feels they are worthy of her presence and attention. Margo is especially sensitive to large numbers of unfamiliar dogs, so she’s not at her best at adoption events, but she can’t wait to go! That whine is just her way of saying “Hello!” So make sure you get to know Margo in a less busy environment. She tends to be calm and playful with dogs she’s met a few times – just ask her pals Grady, Scrappy, Inga, and Sammy! She’s also spent friendly time with a few of the other Squad Dogs at adoption events and in boarding; she doesn’t seem to be bothered by “the dogs” too much. Margo has had several hours of professional training and knows most basic commands. Keeping Margo exercised and entertained, makes Margo a happy girl.

Margo has a wonderful indoor demeanor. She adores people, gets along really well with children. She wants to be where they are without getting in the way. She can be trusted to be left alone without becoming destructive. While she may very well get along with other dogs in the home, we feel that Margo will probably do best, once adopted, as the sole queen of her castle. Margo has experience in a private dog park and is content with exploring, without trying to escape—she would thrive in a fenced-in yard. She’s smart and can easily learn house rules. Margo’s intelligent, friendly, and teachable. What’s not to love?

Update from Margo’s foster parents:

Margo gets along well with her foster brother—a large Chocolate boy. They play well together and are often partners on walks. She’s found her place as part of “the pack” and defers to her brother, who’s almost twice as big as she is. She’s a very affectionate pup and she delights in being around her family. She’s good about hanging out in her crate (door open) and has learned a couple of the routines already (sit to walk, wait to eat) without a hitch. She sleeps in her crate and our dog likes her enough to allow her time in his bed during the day.

Margo’s Snapshot:

House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes!
Good with dogs: Varies; she can be picky; great with some
Good with cats: Unknown but probably not
Activity level: Low-Medium
Fenced yard: Highly recommended; Margo loves to explore and run!
Other notes: ~ Loves being with people
~ Very affectionate and smart!