Missy is a 55-pound, black Lab mix who lived her entire seven-year life with the family who surrendered her to Animal Control the week before Christmas. Missy is a very pretty girl and she loves her human friends.

Unfortunately, she’s never been around dogs and she’s pretty fearful when they’re in her space or want to play with her. Sadly, she doesn’t even know what a play-bow is. Therefore, Missy needs to be the only dog in her home. She’s very sweet with people – sits for treats and takes them gently — and rides like a pro in the car. She’ll put her front feet on your knees when she sits in front of you to sweetly ask for the treat or to get some love. She’ll be an absolute dream dog for people who don’t want or need to interact with other dogs on a regular basis.

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Foster update:
Missy’s activity level is low to medium. She’s smart; she’s learned sit, stay, down, wait, heel and leave it. She’s a breeze to train – very attentive; she wants to please her people.

Missy would be great with one person or a couple… a quieter environment would be preferable to an active household. She’s not reactive to little kids pulling her ears or sitting on her, but small children racing through the house or yard can be too much excitement for her – so older kids would be best.

Since she spent her previous life without other dogs, Missy has difficulty meeting new dogs. She just doesn’t know how to meet and greet new canine friends; so meetings must be carefully monitored. Once Missy accepts and trusts new dogs though, she seems to enjoy being part of the pack.

Missy loves pretty much everything, just as long as you’re by her side. Along with being with you, she likes to ride in cars, to go for walks and she loves her toys. She’s a great girl who gives lots of love to her family.

Missy’s Snapshot:
House-trained: Yes
Crate trained: Unknown. Not needed.
Good with kids: Yes. Probably best with older kids
Good with dogs: Yes – larger dogs; not good at initial meetings
Good with cats: No. No small animals, including small dogs.
Activity level: Low to medium
Fenced yard: Recommended
Other notes: Smart. Loves affection. Loves to be with her people.