Rayne is a beautiful 5-year-old lab mix who loves life. She’s a big, happy girl – 75-80 pounds of pure love!

Rayne loves to play with other dogs… so much so that when she was in boarding, she used her ability to open kennel doors to let out her buddy so they could play together. She’s a party girl! She loves kids, and she’s great with dogs her size and activity level. She’d love a home with another energetic, playful dog but she’ll do just fine as an only dog too, if she gets lots of exercise and attention. Walks, hiking, playing ball or chase — these are the things that make her happy.

She’s confident and cheerful, and not afraid of anything. Well, that isn’t exactly true. We’ve discovered she has a fear (or fascination?) with ceiling fans. It’s something she has vowed to work on, and something her new family will need to be aware of. Other than the evil-ceiling-fan problem, she’s great in the house – staying off the furniture, if you prefer her on her own doggy bed.

Rayne listens like a good girl and she knows several commands. She’s a super friendly, family girl who loves attention and affection. If you need some fun and lots of love in your life, Rayne is could just be the gal of your dreams. Meet her and you’ll love her just like we do.



Rayne loves to be near her people and will entertain herself nicely when you get tired of playing tug o war. She walks well on  harness, but needs a strong hand as she doesn’t know her own strength sometimes.

Rayne can be left alone in the house and respects your stuff. When her day is done, she sacks out on her bed and sleeps for 10 hours! It’s kinda like having a teenager in the house. She does snore a little bit when she gets really comfy, but who doesn’t?

Rayne’s favorite things include standing guard over the yard to chase away invading birds and squirrels, going for walks, chasing balls, stretching out at your feet — and treats…. lots of treats.


Rayne’s Snapshot:

House-trained:    Yes
Crate trained:      Yes?  Not needed
Good with kids:   Yes!
Good with dogs:  Best with active dogs her size; not good with small dogs
Good with cats:    No cats! She also is not a fan of vacuums; and ceiling fans seem to push her buttons. 🙂
Activity level:         Medium – High
Fenced yard:         Required. Rayne loves to run, fetch and explore!
Othernotes:          She is an active, happy girl who likes to be with her people.  She’s very playful, fairly easy-going, obedient.  She knows Sit, Quiet, Lay down – and she loves car rides